Tetronics is a global leader in the supply of Plasma Arc systems, a clean technology with key applications in the resource recovery and hazardous waste management industries. The Group Board had recently appointed a new CEO to the business with the remit to bring a commercial rigour to the operation and deliver rapid, significant profitable growth through significant expansion of new orders.


To deliver on that strategy for growth Tetronics decided to appoint x 2 International Sales Managers who could secure business on a global scale. The core recruitment challenges faced by the business:

  • With a £multi-million average order value and 24 month sales cycle it was essential to secure the services of sales professionals who had previous experience operating successfully at such a level of complexity.
  • We needed individuals who had deep international sales experience across multiple territories.
  • The ability to manage not only a very technical solution but also handle the complex financial negotiations too.
  • To find this for a brand which was relatively unknown outside of it’s niche in a wider market dominated by big industrial heavyweights.


The core requirements of the roles determined that a search methodology was the appropriate way forward. Good Talent developed a broad range of briefing collateral and honed a compelling sales message to take to the market.

The assignment proved to be a tough one with our first search cycle yielding 2 unaccepted offers. Following a thorough analysis of our process and candidate engagement we made a series of recommendations to the CEO regarding the shape of the opportunity being offered. These alterations were accepted and we got back to work with a fresh search. This time round we were able to secure 2 new very experienced hires both coming from Tier 1 industrial brands.

Persistence, persistence, persistence, often talked about rarely done. Combined with strong market insights and an open working relationship enabled to us to deliver in the end.


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