We help you use your skills and talents to make a difference 

People like you are changing the world of work. For you, career progression is about more than a corner office – you want your work to have a positive impact. This means asking tough questions. Which employers share your values? Which companies’ missions excite you? Which type of workplace culture will help you to thrive?

Good Talent connects values-driven candidates with employers who are making a positive difference. If we tap you on the shoulder, it’s because we have an opportunity to help you make an even bigger difference.

How we work

For us, values alignment and culture fit are just as important as skills and experience. That’s why we take longer to get to know you and find out what’s truly important to you. We support you through the entire interview process, accurately explain the role on offer and faithfully communicate the recruiter’s values. We believe the recruitment process should be a positive experience for all candidates – whether they get the job or not.

Find out which skills and attributes today’s value-driven businesses are looking for in candidates