One of the leading lights of ethical business in the UK, Good Energy had seen great success, trebling revenues and operating profits over a 5 year period. With a strong niche position established, consumer momentum building in the “green” space and the opening up of the retail energy market the leadership of the business had devised a strategy to move the business into an exponential growth phase, aiming to quintuple revenues over the following 5 years.


Instrumental to achieving this growth would be the acquisition of a significant number of new customers and to that end the decision was taken to appoint a new Head of Brand, Digital & Marketing to deliver on this strategy. The core recruitment challenges faced by the business were:

  • Scaling the business operationally from an SME to medium size without losing its core ethical DNA.
  • Taking the business from “Green to Mainstream”, a clear requirement for a values based marketeer who could effectively resonate with the market.
  • Identifying hard to find candidates who were as equally adept with traditional brand strategy as they were with digital marketing.
  • Securing the services of a proven catalyst, someone with the ability to articulate a vision then manifest this through solid leadership.


Given the brand strength of Good Energy and the highly exciting nature of the opportunity we recommended using a combined advertising & search methodology in order to access as much of the candidate market as possible. Working closely with senior leadership we developed a range of briefing material that really showcased the opportunity on offer and we deployed this to great effect.

The advert response was overwhelming in volume and quality and the search provided us with some real gems who would otherwise not have made an application. Our selection process was rigorous, looking at skills, experience and behaviours however we also specifically developed a values based assessment process that really allowed us to get under the skin of a candidate. This additional layer of analysis, focussing on values orientation, helped us identify an excellent field of both aligned and deeply experienced candidates and ultimately make a quality appointment.

Our ability to faithfully represent the client, its ethics, its ambitions, its challenges to the market in a persuasive and truthful manner allowed us to turn many heads. However the real key to our success was our shared values, we understand what it takes for values based business to succeed and we know how to find the right people to make that happen.


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