Values Led Recruitment

Finding good people for businesses that work to make the world a better place

Our process has been designed and tested to ensure we find values alignment between candidate and company. This is our starting point. However to recruit the best talent available values alone are not enough. We are equally interested in performance, “what” a candidate will be doing for you on the job, what metrics will be used by the business to define success and what are they key initiatives that must be delivered over a 12 to 24 month period. Armed with this information we are then in a very strong position to assess if a candidate has achieved something similar previously. 

Put simply we look for those candidates who fit your culture and can demonstrate that they can get the job done, regardless of circumstance with the least direction possible. As professional recruiters we understand that our work can have a long lasting impact within the organisations and on the careers of those that we engage with. We view our work as both a privilege and a responsibility to be treated with the utmost integrity.

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Talent Aquisition
  • Copywriting
  • Media management
  • Advertising
  • Market mapping
  • Search
  • Assessment
  • Values Assessment
  • Competency interview
  • Assessment centre design
  • Case study development
  • Psychometrics
  • Delivery
  • On-boarding
  • On-boarding programme design
  • Coaching based
  • Execution

  • a) Scorecard

    Good Talent uses a proprietary values & performance based methodology to identify and assess potential candidates. Most organisations promote their strongest talent based on assessing proven performance, why should the recruitment process be any different?

    The Scorecard is a values & performance based “Blueprint”, a document that describes exactly what you want accomplished over what timeframes. It is not a theoretical Job Description or Person Specification but a set of practical outcomes that define a job done well. By defining performance the scorecard gives a clear picture of what the person you seek needs to be able to accomplish and allows us to assess accordingly. The Scorecard also gives all parties involved a common orientation, this way we can be sure that we are all looking for and at the same thing.

    b) Sourcing

    Depending upon the particular requirement we will leverage a range of channels appropriate to each individual assignment. Finding great people of high quality that are specialised for the task that needs to be done requires maximising our reach into the market with all appropriate means.

    Research/Search - proactive mapping of the market place to enable identification and sourcing of appropriate passive profiles.

    Network/Database - leveraging the Good Talent proprietary network and database.

    Advertising - attraction of any potential candidates currently active on the market. Particular publications will depend upon final agreement of profile.

    c) Selection

    Good Talent will conduct a full screening process before any suitable candidates are presented to you. You will receive a full profile on each recommended candidate which will include, performance profile, personal profile, values fit, our comments & CV. Our assessment process comprises a series of structured interviews and proprietary tools designed to gather facts and enable a rating against the scorecard.

    d) Sell

    Good Talent acts on your behalf as an extension of your employer brand into the marketplace. Our key task is to represent you professionally and raise awareness of your opportunity to potential employees. It is of vital importance that we are able to persuade the right people to join your organisation and this must be done in the right way and at the right stages of the process.

    Our mission is to create the capacity that you require to succeed. We have a shared passion for purpose led business and the ability to identify that in others. By leveraging our deep experience and wisdom we are able to connect you with some of the best values led talent in the industry. We do this by delivering a proven recruitment model designed to make the hiring process painless, accurate and consistent.

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