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What Makes A Good Client?

Good Talent was specifically created to support the success of values led and purpose driven business. Whether you are an organisation that already has a values driven approach as part of your core DNA or you are a company currently moving from a purely commercial way of operating to a new “responsible” paradigm, the requirement for high quality business talent remains the same. However as the strategy of an organisation becomes progressively more aligned with a values based vision the need for cultural integrity increases, this inevitably has an impact on the people within your business.

The need to build capacity within the business is a necessary process of a proactive strategy, our research shows that if values led businesses are to thrive they need staff who are similarly aligned. A workforce with a shared outlook, that can articulate your position to your customers, that understands the bigger purpose and vision is essential for building cultural integrity without which success is impossible. 


What has changed is the need for talent that can contribute not only their skills and experience but can also align with your values too. To be clear this is not just about Sustainability or CSR roles within companies. Operations professionals that understand cradle to cradle design techniques, Logistics specialists with knowledge of reverse supply chains, Finance managers who can deliver service based leasing, Strategy planners who can move an entire business toward closed loop principals. The core competencies remain the same, the knowledge and ability required to operate in the more sustainable business landscape we are moving toward are different. 

This is really about innovation, the new frontier of conscious & responsible leadership and business operation is currently being made today by organisations like yours. And all of these efforts are underpinned by shared values. If you made it this far and are still reading - then you have the potential to be a Good Client!

Good Talent Values Based Recruiting Research Good Talent Values Based Recruiting Research (306 KB)

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