Want To Make A Positive Impact?

If only I can find a career with a company that matches my values and has a mission wider than just making a profit. It is an increasingly prevalent sentiment amongst many jobseekers looking to balance their guiding beliefs with the outside world. Good Talent was created to help people just like you, we only work with companies that will help you achieve that balance.

The good news is that you are not alone, our research conducted with many CEO’s, Directors and department heads reveal that the primary thing progressive companies look for when hiring is also values alignment, candidates who “get it” and can understand the wider mission of the business.

If values are not shared how can a sales team articulate a message to a prospect with passion? How can marketing segment strategically and position a brand effectively without understanding company values? Where does a company find the next innovation in processes or product if the team are not motivated to make a difference themselves?

We do look for something a little special within a candidate, the desire to make a difference and an understanding that business can play a key role in transforming our world for the better. If any of this resonates and you are interested in exploring new career opportunities we would love to talk.

Not Just CSR

To be clear this is not just about CSR roles within companies, its about innovation, the new frontier of leadership and business currently being made today by people like you. Operations professionals that understand cradle to cradle design techniques, Logistics specialists with knowledge of reverse supply chains, Finance managers who can deliver service based leasing, Strategy planners who can move an entire business toward closed loop principals. The core competencies remain the same, the knowledge and ability required to operate in the more sustainable business landscape we are moving toward are different.

If any of these questions sound familiar:
"Want to make a positive impact with your career?”
“Need to earn a good salary and make a difference?”
“Looking for a friendly ear to help navigate the MBA career path?”
“Not sure how to balance values with material goals?”
“Need help in securing the perfect role?”
“Want help and advice as to how the recruitment market works?”
“Where can I best leverage my skills now that I have an MBA?”

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