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After the investment taken to carefully select the appropriate talent it is key that individuals are able to: align themselves to the organisation’s vision and culture; form a close and trusting partnership with their line manager; gain the trust of senior stakeholders and customers; engage and build capacity with existing team members; and build both momentum and resilience in delivering business changes. 

Individuals carry into a new role old behaviours, ways of working and relating to others. Many of these will bring success but some can also result in derailing behaviours if not aligned to the needs, culture and personalities of the new organisation. 

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  • Factors that impair leadership transitions 

    Research shows the typical blockages to performance for leaders, result from approaching problems with perspectives based upon what derived success at lower management levels. Recognising the change in what drives success at executive management levels requires an adjustment of perspective and the ability to identify those leadership moments where new responses are required. This requires new levels of reflection and personal commitment. 

    • Adjusting to change can be an emotionally unsettling experience. Whilst IQ is unaffected during a transition confidence and EQ when working with others can suffer, resulting in poor decision making.
    • 75% of high-potential leaders experience significant to moderate problems when they move into a new role (Shaw & Chayes, 2011)
    • 70% of senior human resource professionals agreed that success or failure during the transition period is a strong predictor of overall success or failure in the job (Watkins, 2009) 

    50% of executives estimated to eventually derail (Hogan, Hogan & Kaiser, 2010) 

    Our Process 

    When speed is of the essence this transition programme aligns the individual to the needs of the line manager & business. Documented Rigour: 

    Reports are generated following the first session with the coachee and the Triangulation Meeting to document the agreed way forwards (shared with all parties). A final report is produced at the end of the coaching process and again shared with HR, line manager and the coachee to cement alignment, label key issues and focus the vision for the way forwards. NB An evaluation by all parties of the onboarding coaching occurs at this time.

    • Session 1: A Week To Go: We will hold meetings with the line manager and HR to clarify the expectations that they have of performance in the role. The first coaching session with the individual then focuses upon identifying their perception of the role (60 day vision), those behaviours that will serve them during the emotional destabilizing transition process and how they are going to engage with their team, etc. Identifying gaps in perception, understanding of key challenges and clarifying the importance behind key feedback data obtained through the recruitment process will be involved in this half day meeting. 
    • Session 2: Triangulation Meeting: A meeting with the line manager, HR, coachee and coach will take place to ensure that there is alignment between the needs of the business, team and individual. Key areas of potential risk, conflict & performance expectations will be raised in addition to ensuring smooth communication between the line manager and coachee. Typically occurring at the end of week 1 in role. 
    • Sessions 3 & 4: Remote coaching support provided through secure HD video link is then provided to the coachee typically occurring at week 4-6 and week 10-12. Addressing 180 day vision, cultural alignment and issues arising.

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