Good Case Studies

1. British Gypsum - HIPO


The Saint Gobain Group, one of the top 50 manufacturers in the world, has an ambition to significantly strengthen the diversity of thinking and calibre of talent within the upper echelons of the organisation. This mandate manifest in the UK operation as a requirement to set-up a new High Potential MBA Programme led by the UK Group MD that could deliver an individual of exceptional talent operating at Global Group Board level within 8-10 years.

Key Challenges

The immediate requirement was to identify an individual who could operate at Director level within a group business, British Gypsum, and lead a complex transformation programme. Within this request lay some difficult challenges:

  • Having not run an MBA Programme previously, it was essential to find a way to engage with the mindset of the desired candidate base.
  • The requirement for the “top 10%” performing Tier 1 candidates put the organisation in direct competition with very big and established recruiting brands in this space.
  • With no previous activity in the MBA sector the business had the handicap of minimal brand awareness.
  • Their operating industry, construction, was not going to be as attractive as some of the other higher profile career options.

Solution & Results

Given our knowledge of and experience within the MBA recruitment space we knew that most companies used a passive approach, relying on brand strength to bring applicants to them. We therefore suggested a much more proactive stance combined with a fully supported on boarding process. We crafted a specific sales message attuned to the career desires of MBA’s and following a comprehensive European wide search exercise took that message via direct approach to our chosen audience.

Good Talent worked with the senior leadership to confirm assessment criteria and then we developed all core materials for a full day assessment centre, including case study, exercises and supervised the delivery of this process.

We delivered a triangulated, coaching based, on boarding solution that engaged with the new hire, line management and the programme sponsor to ensure optimum impact was delivered as quickly as possible.

With such a comprehensive methodology in place we were able to deliver an assessment centre comprising 8 candidates from which a successful hire of a Sales Transformation Director was made. The quality of the process left a strong impression on all participants and enabled Saint Gobain to articulate an impressive offer to the market. The organisation not only gained the services of an outstanding new hire but has also laid the foundations to continue the MBA initiative over the coming years.

Without Good Talent’s deep understanding of the MBA recruitment market it is unlikely that this programme would have experienced the results it did. Our ability to empathise with MBA aspirations and present a compelling story direct to audience enabled the delivery of such a high quality field of applicants.

2. Method - UK Brand Manager


Method products is one of worlds most recognised values driven FMCG brands today. In a relatively short space of time they have taken an innovative concept of sustainably produced products and transformed the household cleaning category in Northern America. Brand traction in Europe at the time was still in build mode however the point was rapidly approaching where the business needed to break through to a greater level of customer awareness.

Key Challenges

The decision was taken to hire a UK Brand Champion with a proven ability in developing strategy  who could then supervise the execution of a plan to support the method’s growth ambitions. Their were some key factors essential to the success of this assignment:

  • The successful individual must have had appropriate Brand experience within an FMCG setting.
  • Ideally we wanted to find someone who had the blue chip big brand marketing foundations and had already experienced working for a challenger/disruptor brand.
  • Somebody able to thrive in a budget constrained entrepreneurial setting and evidence a great deal of creativity in getting things done.
  • Most importantly we needed someone who understood and shared method’s values. How can you be an ambassador and articulate a message if you are not aligned?

Solution & Results

Not an easy brief to be sure! Due to the very limited potential candidate pool our recommendation was the use of a very focussed search only process. An extensive market mapping exercise yielded a tight target group for us to approach using an innovative values and opportunity based message. Our unique values based assessment methodology enabled us to identify exactly the right kind of cultural fit required to thrive in such a purpose led business. With a lot of hard work and persistence we were able to present 3 candidates for interview, resulting in a highly successful appointment.

Our own shared values within Good Talent and the ability to assess effectively for these values in others was the key differentiator for success with this assignment.

3. Tetronics - 2 x International Sales Managers


Tetronics is a global leader in the supply of Plasma Arc systems, a clean technology with key applications in the resource recovery and hazardous waste management industries. The Group Board had recently appointed a new CEO to the business with the remit to bring a commercial rigour to the operation and deliver rapid, significant profitable growth through significant expansion of new orders.

Key Challenges

To deliver on that strategy for growth Tetronics decided to appoint x 2 International Sales Managers who could secure business on a global scale. The core recruitment challenges faced by the business:

  • With a £multi-million average order value and 24 month sales cycle it was essential to secure the services of sales professionals who had previous experience operating successfully at such a level of complexity.
  • We needed individuals who had deep international sales experience across multiple territories.
  • The ability to manage not only a very technical solution but also handle the complex financial negotiations too.
  • To find this for a brand which was relatively unknown outside of it’s niche in a wider market dominated by big industrial heavyweights.

Solution & Results

The core requirements of the roles determined that a search methodology was the appropriate way forward. Good Talent developed a broad range of briefing collateral and honed a compelling sales message to take to the market.

The assignment proved to be a tough one with our first search cycle yielding 2 unaccepted offers. Following a thorough analysis of our process and candidate engagement we made a series of recommendations to the CEO regarding the shape of the opportunity being offered. These alterations were accepted and we got back to work with a fresh search. This time round we were able to secure 2 new very experienced hires both coming from Tier 1 industrial brands. 

Persistence, persistence, persistence, often talked about rarely done. Combined with strong market insights and an open working relationship enabled to us to deliver in the end.

4. Saint Gobain PAM - Regional Sales Manager


Saint-Gobain PAM is the premier supplier of ductile iron and cast iron products to the UK's key utilities, telecoms, highways, civil engineering, construction and housing companies. The business has been on a “customer excellence” journey for a number of years in an attempt to embed customer needs at the heart of everything the business does.

Key Challenges

The ongoing a transformation process within the business has meant a geographic reorganisation of the salesforce to better reflect their customer base, leaving an RSM position vacant. Good Talent were invited to assist and were confronted with the following:

  • Advertising had failed.
  • 2 other Recruitment Agencies had already been engaged yet had been unable to present a shortlist of viable quality.
  • The “customer excellence” journey had impacted the businesses value proposition to the market. From a sales perspective it had necessitated the need for a more sophisticated sales approach, the ability to build long term value based relationships rather than manage a transactional interaction based on cost. These skills are rare for this type of role!
  • We also needed to find a professional aligned to the wider sustainability agenda, a major corporate push for the business as mandated by Group direction.

Solution & Results

It was obvious that the traditional agency approach of “database and advertising” was not fit for purpose in this instance. We recommended a proactive search methodology, however we knew that this too would be unsuccessful if we did not get our target parameters right. Leveraging our experience we worked closely with Line Management & HR to uncover the performance metrics for this role. Rather than working from a Person Specification comprised of “nice to haves” we worked together to develop a clear mission statement and blueprint of what needed to be delivered. From here we created a performance based scorecard against which we could assess. This consulting work allowed us to significantly widen the scope of what we could look at yet at the same time giving us a crystal clear picture of what we were looking for.

Following our search process we were able to present 4 candidates, all of which were stronger than any of the candidates seen previously, from which one was selected successfully.

Our deep experience within recruitment in combination with our consultative abilities allowed us to identify and execute the most appropriate solution for this particular situation. Experience counts, always.

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