Good Ecosystem™

1. Your Strategy

A proactive strategy for operating sustainably implies a deep set of values driving your business. These values must also be consistent with your Talent processes.

2. The Good Talent Equation

Our research shows that values alignment is the number one requirement when hiring for purpose led and mission driven business.

3. Solution - The Good Talent Ecosystem™

Our methodology enables you to hire for skills, experience and values. Ensuring perfect fit and building your capacity as a business to change the world.

Building Your Capacity

Our research, in association with Nottingham Trent University's School of Management, has explored the role values play within the frame of recruitment. 

Our interviews with many CEO’s, Directors and department heads reveal that the primary thing progressive companies look for when hiring is a values alignment, candidates who “get it” and can understand the wider mission of the business. In recruiting terms this is all about a good fit with the company culture. 

If values are not shared how can your sales team articulate your message to a prospect with passion? How can marketing segment strategically and position your brand effectively without understanding your values? Where do you get your next innovation in processes or product if your team are not motivated to make a difference themselves? 

This exploration has informed the core of our offer, a values based assessment methodology, that enables you to hire candidates who fit, first time every time.

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